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December 10, 2013
Sugar: 36 Brix

100% Lafond
Santa Rita Hills

Cool Stainless Steel
Total Acid: .93

pH: 2.97
Alcohol: 9.4%
Sugar: 19.3% by weight

Bottling Date: April 11, 2014

Production: 354 Cases

Santa Rita Hills - Lafond Vineyard

2013 Late Harvest Riesling
Rising in the middle of the western Santa Ynez Valley, the Santa Rita Hills are the distinguishing feature of our AVA, home of Lafond Vineyard and a wonderful area to grow Riesling.

The long, very cool growing season of this area is exemplified by February bud break and September harvest, a long period for vine physiology that creates wines of intense concentration and balanced acidity.

Lafond Vineyard is home to about 15 acres of Riesling. This dry Santa Rita Hills designated bottling comes from an old block which gives the wine great depth and concentration.

Winemaker's comments: Picked December 10th, a full month after our other Riesling blocks. This block, of Clone 49, was selected because its large canopy allowed for continued ripening.

After several showers botrytis Cinerea developed further concentrating sugar and acidity. In the winery the grapes were foot stomped (wearing rubber boots). Foot stomping, we have learned, is the most efficient way to break up the Botrytis Raisins and release flavors from the skin.

After soaking for two days the juice was pressed. In order to maintain high sugar and low alcohol the fermentation was stopped by chilling.

91 Points 2015 Wine Enthusiast
99 Points Platinum Medal Best Dessert Wine,
Wine of the year
2016 Monterey Wine Competition
Gold Medal Best of Class 2016 Pacific Rim Wine Competition
Platinum Medal 2016 San Diego Wine Challenge

Suggested Retail Price:

2013 Late HarvestRiesling 32.00

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