Lafond Vineyard, Santa Rita Hills

2014 Pinot Noir Martin Ray Clone
Nestled in the Santa Rita Hills of the western Santa Ynez Valley, Lafond Vineyard is ideally situated to produce Pinot Noir exhibiting the unique and exotic flavor profile one finds in only a few regions of the world.

Specific areas within our vineyard exhibit elevated concentration and complexity due to soil type and exposure to the elements. We have planted eight distinct clones of Pinot Noir, each with subtle differences in flavor and aroma.

After several years of working with the eight Pinot Noir clones planted in Lafond Vineyard, Bruce has become very familiar with the attributes of each particular clone and uses them accordingly in each of the Pinot Noirs he makes.

The Martin Ray Clone was planted in 1982. Considered an 'old school' clone planted by Martin Ray, one of the first proponents of Pinot Noir, in the 1950s near Saratoga. It has been the source of great Pinot Noirs for the last 65 years.

Winemaker's comments: This block was originally planted in 1982. We sourced the cuttings from the Sanford and Benedict Vineyard. Mike Benedict referred to it as Martin Ray clone. It is also called the Mount Eden Clone.

A heritage clone first planted in California by Martin Ray in the 1940s, it seems appropriate to call it by his name. It is still planted in California because of the consistently high quality of the wines produced.

The 32 year old vines produce a concentrated spicey, fragrant and darkly fruited wine.

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2014 Pinot Noir Martin Ray Clone 50.00

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August 28, 2014
Sugar: 23.9 Brix
100% Lafond

Barrels: 10 French Oak
% new
Total Acid: .67
pH: 3.47
Alcohol: 14.5%

Bottled: February 3, 2016

Production: 234 Cases